Shovel Knight Wii U and 3DS EU Release Month Announced

by on October 16, 2014

Yacht Club Games have announced that their superb old-school Mega Man/Castlevania homage, Shovel Knight, will finally arrive on EU and Australian Nintendo devices in November.

Yacht Club Games have warned backers, however, that EU and Australian residents will need to pop onto kickstarter in order to ensure they receive their correct code.

Originally released back in July, my Shovel Knight review praised the game, concluding that, for all its inspirations, “upon completion, you’ll simply refer to it’s many levels, bosses, and ideas, as Shovel Knight. The wonderful modern retro classic, Shovel Knight.”

This said, the Nintendo releases have a number of unique enhancements that take advantage of the system.

The Wii U version lets players share information and tips for each individual room, which are displayed on the Gamepad, while the 3DS version includes a version specific StreetPass mode.

Finally, in November, we will be able to enjoy them.