MLG and JoinDota Join Forces For Revamped JD League

by on December 20, 2014

The original JoinDota league system was an interesting one, but also one that didn’t quite take off as well as it should have done. But now MLG has joined forces with JoinDota to revamp the JoinDota League system, pump in a massive prize pool and invite some top tier teams to create what could potentially be the biggest Dota 2 league ever.

The JoinDota League Circuit in partnership with MLG will feature three seasons, each of which will have a LAN final as well as a World Championship event that will take place towards the back end of 2015.

All the teams who competed in Division 1 of the last JoinDota League will be incited to take part in the top tier of this new league along with a handful of invited top tier teams. MLG are also working to get MLG pro points integrated into the lower levels of the JoinDota league.

The new event will feature a prize pool of at least $475,000 with an extra $90,000 put aside for team transport when attending the LAN events. There is currently very little other information about the event, but we can expect to here more in the new year.

Jacob Toft-Andersen (also known as Maelk), Project Manager at joinDOTA and winner of the Maelk award had this to say about the new event.

“We have always wanted to create something big with MLG and it doesn’t get much bigger than this. By linking joinDOTA League together with MLG we can create consistent LAN finals with a big grand event the scene can be proud of,”

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