Watch The New Evolve Evacuation Trailer

by on December 3, 2014

A brand new trailer for four Versus one co-operative shooter Evolve has been released today, and it reveals the story behind a new mode that is known as Evacuation. The mode will see a team of twelve Hunters, enlisted to help save a colony from attack by a horde of monsters. As these monsters evolve and grow, the Hunters begin to realise that this will be a much more difficult job than they first thought.

Previously it had appeared that the game would only see players taking on one of the large monsters at a time, but this trailer suggests that might not be true. It is hard to say how the story will integrate into the game, and whether there will be a full-on campaign such as in Left 4 dead, or more individual missions that can be played out. More details will surely be revealed soon.

Apparently Evacuation will be exclusive to the Xbox One Beta Test, which begins in January 2015. We can only assume that the mode will be included in all versions of the final game, but limited to Xbox One purely in the Beta testing. Gamers can also pre-order Evolve in order to receive an extra pack of bonus content which includes an additional monster type.