Three Teams Claim top 4 on Day Three of TI5

by on July 30, 2015

With only four rounds of games left in the group stage the final standings are starting to take shape. Secret and LGD in group a and CDEC in group B are all guaranteed a top 4 finish in their groups and a safe trip to the winners bracket while both NaVi and IG in group A will be in the lower bracket. Elsewhere EG are all but guaranteed a top 4 finish as are Cloud 9.

The most interesting areas are the fights for 4th place in each group with even bottom placed MVP.Hot6ix still having a chance of making 4th in group B. Complexity will have a tough time holding onto 4th in group A but one 2-0 will almost guarantee it. This time tomorrow the group stage will be done and we will know what the main event looks like.