What to Watch on Day Four of TI5

by on July 30, 2015

The last day of the group stage is upon us and there is still a lot to play for. Only three teams are guaranteed top 4 and only two can’t make it into the winner’s bracket. So without further ado, these are the games that should be the most entertaining today.

Round 1 – Fnatic vs LGD, Cloud9 vs Complexity, MVP.Phoenix vs Secret

With both teams close to securing top 4 C9 vs CoL is the game to watch here. If C9 win they guarantee top 4 while if CoL win it would take some surprise results elsewhere in the group for the top 4 to change. Group A could be decided by the end of this round so a multi stream isn’t a bad option.

Round 2 – NaVi vs IG, Fnatic vs Complexity, NewBee vs ViCi

The 2nd Complexity match will again probably be the most entertaining because of their entertaining play style and potentially will be the one with the most on the line. A loss for both CoL and Fnatic in the first round would mean that a win for Fnatic here will tie the teams. NewBee vs ViCi could also be entertaining.

Round 3 – EHOME vs Virtus.Pro, CDEC vs EG, NewBee vs MVP.Hot6ix

I shouldnt even have to tell you which game to watch here. CDEC vs EG will most likely decide 1st place in Group B, a win for CDEC makes it impossible for anyone to catch them while a win for EG would mean CDEC have to beat EHOME later to claim first. Both teams have looked impressive thus far so this should be a cracker.

Round 4 – CDEC vs EHOME, Empire vs MVP.Hot6ix

Only two games in the final round of the day but both should provide great action. I think Empire vs Hot6ix will be the game to watch thanks to both teams entertaining play style and the possibility that both teams could have something to play for. CDEC EHOME could be good if CDEC lose to EG but if they win they will most likely relax and not play all out.