Remedy Games Teases Alan Wake Easter Egg in Christmas Video

by on December 22, 2015

The folks over at Remedy Games have teased an Alan Wake easter egg present within their upcoming title Quantum Break, due for release next year.

In the studio’s recent Happy Greeting video, creative director Sam Lake shows off the set for a live-action easter egg which will be included in Quantum Break. Lake himself is playing the part of Alex Casey (the protagonist of Wake’s books in-game) who is tracking down a missing writer. There is a visible headshot of Wake in the background, and Lake is later joined by an actor wearing the same outfit as Wake does in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. The video ends with the phrase “to reach the surface, you must fist dive deeper.”

Lake also clarifies that Quantum Break is almost finished and that the studio are putting the final touches on it before release. See the video above.


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