Elections of US America Election: The Card Game is live on Kickstarter

by on February 1, 2016

Elections of US America Election: The Card Game is a partnership between political satire site Wonkette and Auroch Digital and is now available for you to back on Kickstarter.

This physical card game is a dark and satirical take on the upcoming US elections mixing fact, fiction and hopefully some fun.

It has players competing to see who will win the elections, using current political figures like Hilary Clinton, politicians from history, and a few fantasy characters too. Winning votes is the key to winning the game and all the candidates have special powers they bring to the table to help you secure victory. Different cards will have different short and long term effects and can be key to you winning or losing the state.

You’ll be able to put Cthulu up against Donald Trump, so you can see first hand how an power hungry evil being who will stop at nothing to secure victory will face up to Cthulu. It’s an obvious joke, but it would be criminal to ignore it.

You can find out more on the Kickstarter page right about here

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