The Elder Scrolls Online extended Free Play Weekend starts tomorrow

by on November 15, 2016

Bethesda just announced an extended Free Play Weekend for The Elder Scrolls Online.

This will begin tomorrow and go on until November 20. The PlayStation 4 Free Play Weekend begins at 12:01 am local time tomorrow and PS Plus is not needed to play. The free play weekend on Steam begins at 6 pm GMT for PC and Mac. The Xbox One Free Play Weekend info will be available later.

This gives anyone access to the full Tamriel Unlimited base game and 500 free crowns to spend. Progress is saved if you decide to buy the game for play after the Weekend is over. In addition to this, all versions of The Elder Scrolls Online will be discounted on PlayStation 4 and PC until November 28.

You can get in on this free weekend by downloading Tamriel Unlimted starting 12:01 am on PlayStation 4 and on Steam here.

The Elder Scrolls Online is availble on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, and PC.