PlayStation Now getting PS4 games this year

by on March 13, 2017

Sony just announced that PS4 games would be added to PS Now this year.

PS Now lets you stream PS3 games to PS4 and Windows right now. This year the service will get PS4 game support in the same subscription. There will be a private test in the next few weeks. This is an interesting move. Microsoft recently announced Xbox One Game Pass for Xbox One allowing a Netflix like service that lets you download and play games natively on Xbox One. Sony on the other hand is going all in for streaming and not restricting it to PlayStation 4 with Windows support included. PS Now uses cloud saves as well so you can continue playing on Windows from PS4.

PS Now is available as a subscription service and they recently removed Vita and PS3 support. It is going to be interesting seeing which games they launch with and if they regional support is expanded this year.

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