Natsume churns out a Harvest Moon game for kids on mobile devices

by on April 7, 2017

There’s a new Harvest Moon game coming to iOS and Android devices in May and it’s aimed at teaching children the joys of farming.

This isn’t a ‘videogames are for kids’ argument, oh no, Unlike previous Harvest Moon games this one has been developed as a teaching aid for pre-schoolers and other young children for them to play by themselves or with a carer (parent, nanny, etc…). The toolsets provided will allow children to grow vegetables, look after animals, milk cows, sheer sheep and take part in a whole raft of farm themed activities and with no text to read.

Harvest Moon: Li’l Farmers comes as part of a partnership between Rising Star Games, Natsume and Daredevil Development, and will be a premium game at £3.99 thankfully free of ads. It’ll release on May 25.