Sign-ups are now open for the Windjammers closed beta

by on May 19, 2017

DotEmu have announced that Windjammers’ new online mode will have a closed beta on PS4, running from June 8 to 12 and players can now sign up for the chance to enter.

Windjammers pits players 1 on 1 in fast-paced frisbee battles where failing to intercept your opponent’s disc throws will see them score points against you, naturally the payer with the most points then wins the game. Having been originally launched only on NEOGEO and in arcades, DotEmu is currently preparing to launch Windjammers on PS4 and PS Vita with an added online multiplayer mode which will be the focus of the beta.

Those interested can sign up for a chance to enter the PS4 beta here.