Relic hunter Legend getting Closed Beta next Thursday

by on July 13, 2023

Gearbox Publishing and Rogue Snail are inviting players to take part in a limited-time Closed Beta for Relic Hunter Legend starting July 20. Taking place via Steam, it’ll begin this Thursday at 3pm BST and run until July 24 at 3pm, giving people the opportunity to play the upcoming top-down looter shooter.

Relic Hunters Legend is an in-development top-down looter-shooter featuring exciting, fast-paced gameplay, a variety of powerful equipment and weapons with tons of customizable options, and a diverse cast of rowdy Rebels with different skills and abilities that you can fine tune to match any playstyle!

Some of the Relic Hunter Legend features are as follows:

  • Be A Rebel – A vibrant, lore-rich world with an equally colorful and unique cast of characters, each with their own abilities, playstyles, and personalities.
  • Power Up – Explore a variety of highly re-playable missions as you comb your way through the universe, gathering powerful loot and facing off against intergalactic threats. With a wide range of weapons, gear, and skills to unlock and suit the way you play, Relic Hunters Legend is fun to learn and challenging to master.
  • Adventure Awaits – There are many ways for players to experience this new world. They can dive in solo to experience the Story Mode; group up with friends in the online co-op mode; or meet new, fellow Hunters in missions designed for up to four players.
  • Take Back Time – Play as the mysterious character Seven and unlock all the playable Relic Hunter characters in the single-player Story Mode campaign. Uncover a story about time travel, lost memories, and friendship while facing off against the tyrannical Duke Ducan and his evil minions.

“Our team here in Brazil has put a lot of care into Relic Hunters Legend’s world, characters and gameplay to make sure that everyone feels welcome and can find something to love – whether they play solo, in a group, or if they want to meet new friends in-game!” said Mark Venturelli, Rogue Snail CEO and creative director. “We can’t wait to see everyone joining this fun little world we’ve created, and we’re looking forward to responding to all of the feedback and making the game the best it can be for release day.”

“We are thrilled to have the privilege of being chosen as partners by Rogue Snail and help them bring Relic Hunters Legend to players all over the world,” said Steve Gibson, President of Gearbox Publishing. “It is a joy to bring players together through their gameplay, characters, and storytelling, and we couldn’t be prouder to work with Rogue Snail to help bring this game’s heartwarming universe to life. We know a thing or two about looter-shooters at Gearbox, and we think players will like this one a lot.”

Players can sign up for the Relic Hunter Legend Closed Beta here.