Level Zero: Extraction get new gameplay trailer and closed beta announcement

by on February 21, 2024

Level Zero: Extraction, a brand new first-person multiplayer extraction horror game from tinyBuild and DogHowl Games launches this year. A new gameplay trailer has been released for the title, including the announcement that it will also be getting a closed beta test on March 15 via Steam.

The year is 2058. A group of researchers from the “New Horizons” Corporation has embarked on a long-awaited space expedition to explore unknown corners of the Universe. After an arduous journey, their ship has finally reached its destination planet of Turion, if only they knew the catastrophic consequences their voyage would yield…

We recently got to see a short presentation if Level Zero: Extraction, and from what we saw, it offers a different take on the formula. You’ll work in teams as either a scientist or alien, with different objectives depending on who you play as. As a scientist, you have certain skills needed to stop being hunted, and as the alien, there are certain abilities that get better the more eggs you consume. The lights on the ship can suddenly go out, creating a tense atmosphere that reminds us of Alien Isolation, along with an environment that gave us The Thing vibes.

Players will embark on dangerous scavenging expeditions where three teams of up to three mercenaries compete for valuable loot. Meanwhile, another two players will take on the role of deadly alien monsters, hunting the humans from the shadows.

Some of the key features of Level Zero: Extraction include:

  • Asymmetric multiplayer extraction horror is a brand-new take on the genre to create a totally unique experience
  • Play as human mercenaries fighting over valuable loot – or as deadly alien monsters in high-stakes PvPvE battles
  • Immersive first-person combat with realistic gunplay and melee mechanics, as well as health, animation, and movement systems
  • Vast arsenal of weapons and gadgets to help humans survive: rifles, shotguns, flamethrowers, nail guns, pistols, grenades, mines, motion sensors, traps, remote controls, flares, hammers, machetes, and more
  • Hunt humans with out-of-this-world alien abilities, including acid spit, live traps, vent crawling, EMP screams, heartbeat scans, and more
  • Deep progression system with dozens of new perks, items, and weapon attachments to unlock
  • Aliens can only be killed with light – this unique gameplay mechanic allows humans to strategically use light sources across the map to stave off monsters