GTA Online’s new car is the Dewbauchee Rapid GT

by on September 12, 2017

GTA Online’s lineup of cars expands once again today with the Dewbauchee Rapid GT, plus there’s new bonuses and discounts for all.

The car can be bought from Legendary Motorsport, by those that have the cash of course. If you’re struggling to get the moolah together then you can earn double cash in Motor Wars, and in the Rockstar Stunt Races. That’s not all though, as there’s also double payouts in the Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions, plus it’s SecuroServ Employee Appreciation week with Bodyguards and Associates getting double salaries. Seriously though, who takes to a game to do a job? Come on guys?

For those with money looking for further ways to spend it, there’s also a set of discounts on offer on aircraft and ground vehicle upgrades. Countermeasures and Aircraft Engine and Armour upgrades are 25% off through the Hangar, while there’s also 25% off the Truffade Nero and Pegassi Tempesta, as well as 25% off engine and armour upgrades for cars.

Well, that’s the GTA Online update down for this week. Have fun criminals.