This week in GTA Online sees triple rewards for Motor Wars

by on April 4, 2019

Vehicular warfare is the name of the game in GTA Online this week with triple rewards in Motor Wars.

I take it people are still playing GTA Online? If you’re one of the people who is then you’ll be wanting to know just what you can get up to this week. To start with triple GTA$ and RP are up for grabs in Motor Wars, which dubs itself a ‘ferocious fight for survival in an intermittently shrinking kill box festooned with all kinds of lethal toys’. Games are comprised of two to four teams and can host up to 28 players.

More reward bonuses are up for grabs in other vehicular battle modes as well, you’ll earn double the bucks and RP for taking part in Vehicle Vendetta and the Hunting Pack (Remix). You can also take advantage of a 25% boost in Gunrunning Research and two times the bucks from Gunrunning sales. Just for good measure, you’ll get a free Black Coil Cap just for logging in to GTA Online this week.

Ok, as usual there’s the usual raft of discounts with Warstock Cash and Carry granting up to 40% off on items like the HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Custom, the Ocelot Stromberg, the Rhino Tank and Bunkers.

Now, if you’re confident in your racing ability you can take on seven other racers in the Premium Race circuit. It’ll cost you 20k GTA bucks to take part, but you can earn 100k for first place and 30k for second place, third place will see you get your money back.


Happy trails.

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