GTA Online gets a bumper update this week

by on February 28, 2019

Rockstar aren’t sitting still with GTA Online while the Red Dead Redemption Online beta continues, this week sees a hefty amount of content coming in.

First off there are seven new RC Bandito tracks formyou to race on in new locations like Paleto Forest or Vespucci Pier. Cargo Chaos, Arena Tour, Pierless, Water Pressure, Tourist Trail, Tour of Duty and Mirror Image will give RC Bandito fans something to get their teeth into, and taking part in all fifteen RC Bandito races be award doubt GTA$ and RP all the way through to March 6.

Next sees the release of the Arena War Creator. With this you’ll be able to create Arena Vehicle Deathmatches and Arena Races using the Future Shock, Apocalypse And Nightmare styles. You’ll be able to adjust the lighting and place props throughout your creations and challenge your friends online. You’ll also find that vehicles like the Pegasi Oppressor Mik. II and Déclassé Scramjet will be available to use in the creator modes. Finally there’ll be a new Creator Guide posted on GTA Online’s Social Club later on today.

After that there’s your usual lineup of double rewards on top of those grated from the RC Bandito races. All Contract Missions, Rockstar Stunt Races And events in the Hunting Pack (Remix) will also see their rewards doubled, while Bodyguards and Associates will earn double their salary.

Then there’s 30% discounts across a range of vehicle updates and buildings like Arena Vehicle Armor Plating, Rollcages, Hangars, Nightclubs and Offices and 35% off rvehicles like the Mammoth Avenger And Pegasi Tempestra. Vehicle upgrades will also see 30% off items like Hoods, Neons and Spilers.

Last but not least, from Tomorrow (March 1) the Grand Theft Auto Online: Arena War Official Soundtrack will be available from HEALTH, the people behind the soundtrack to Max Payne 3. This collection features all the music created especially for Arena War.