Nintendo designer comments on Salmon Run timings, map rotation and more

by on September 7, 2017

RollingStone and Glixel interviewed Jordan Amaro who is now at Ninendo and previously worked on MGS V.

The interview is really great and you can read the full thing on the RollingStone site. One response that is worthy of note given my addiction to Splatoon 2 and everyone obsessing over it right now is the reason for map rotation, restrictions, and more. Jordan commented on the line of thinking for them and you can read that snippet below:

In Japan, there’s a sense of, “We’re making this thing for you, and this is how we think this thing is better enjoyed.” This is why, in Splatoon, the maps rotate every couple of hours. And the modes change. “I bought this game. Why can’t I just enjoy this game the way I want?” That’s not how we think here. Yes, you did buy the game. But we made this game. And we’re pretty confident about how this game should be enjoyed. If you stick with us, and if you get past your initial resistance, you’re going to have the time of your life with this game. You’re really going to love it.

I’m most definitely not a fan of some of the design decisions in Splatoon 2 and have just about had enough of Pearl and Marina wasting my time each time I boot up the game with an unskippable scene. But there’s why some things are how they are in Splatoon 2. The designers want us to have the time of our lives and are confident on how the game should be enjoyed.

Splatoon 2 is available on Nintendo Switch. Read our review here.

Thanks, RollingStone.

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