Bandai Namco’s Black Clover Project gets character and gameplay details

by on January 15, 2018

Since it’s unveiling in early December, not much has been known about Bandai Namco’s BC Project game, now we know it’s a 4v4 multiplayer shooter.

Based on the anime of a manga, the Black Clover project will see you select from many of the series’ characters (like series protagonist Asta) and team up to take on other players in 4v4 battles. Each character will have different abilities with which to guide the team to victory.

Currently revealed for the game are:

  • Asta, a Melee character, is really good at wall running and can eliminate the magic set by enemies with one swing!
  • Yuno and Gauche both have a Range role. Yuno has high mobility in the air whilst Gauche performs high-firing and long-range shooting from advantageous positioning by teleporting using a mirror.
  • Noelle is a Barrier Healer type character and features a high fire power magic to protect teammates.
  • Mimosa is a recover healer character fighting with various magic such as range recovery magic “Dream Healing Flower Basket” and trap magic “Maiden’s nursery bed”.

As the battle progresses, different rule settings will come into play, like the ‘Area Controlling Fight’ where players must accumulate magical power.

It’s all sounding very much like an anime version of Overwatch, I’m sure we’ll find out more as time goes on, the game is due out later this year on PC and PS4.