Let’s Play Shooty Fruity

by on January 11, 2018

Given 2018 has a relatively slow start, there are some games I’ve been meaning to cover for the site for a while now.

VR is a pain in the arse to capture. I said this on a recent podcast, and it stands true, but it’s worth it for cool games like Shooty Fruity. From nDreams, this is no ordinary shooting gallery. A mix of, I guess, Job Simulator and the best kind of shooting gallery, this is a cracking bit of fun. I won’t say much here, but I’d love to try this one in the Rift of Vive, because while PSVR does a fine job, the fidelity is always going to be slightly lower.

Anyway, watch below, and know you could have seen it earlier if you pay the tiny $1 premium to become a Patreon Saint.

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