Frenzies announced by nDreams, is a new VR multiplayer shooter

by on July 10, 2024

Developer by Near Light, an nDreams Studio, a new VR multiplayer shooter called Frenzies has been announced for PlayStation VR2 and Meta Quest headsets.

The team says the idea is to match the gunplay of games like Fracked and Synapse with “the mayhem of multiplayer, throwing players into a winnertakes-all showdown with a bravado-laden twist.”

Check out the announcement trailer, below, along with some info on how matches will play out.


Each five-round match in FRENZIES is a chaotic lucky dip of iconic and unconventional, solo and team-based round types, from the tense Red Light, Green Light to the brilliantly absurd Glitter Pig. With such a variety of round types in the mix, the experience stays fresh and momentum can swing in an instant, giving every player the chance to strut their stuff.

“The last thing you can accuse Frenzies of is being boring,” said Paul Mottram, Head of Studio, Near Light. “Taking inspiration from classics like Quake and Unreal Tournament, we wanted to inject some unpredictable excitement back into the genre while retaining what makes VR shooters so special. We think Frenzies nails that sweet spot.”

The publisher also says that “The arena doors will be thrown open for the first-time during FRENZIES’ Closed Alpha period, beginning later this month, where players will have the opportunity to help guide the game’s ongoing development. Players can head to discord.gg/frenziesVR to join the FRENZIES community and register their interest in joining these Closed Alpha sessions.”

nDreams has a good record when it comes to VR shooters, especially when it comes to PSVR2. In our Synapse review, we said: “Synapse feels like a game that takes advantage of the relative youthfulness of virtual reality as a delivery system. As a bunch of ideas tacked on a wall, it might not seem that unique, but it’s the sum of its parts, and feels exciting and new, offering a one more go feel that is at the core of many of the very best VR games out there. It may not blow VR-veterans away, and there are some mechanical aspects that are simply too fiddly to be successful, but it’s a damn good time and offers a reason to keep putting that PSVR2 on your head, even in the hot and sweaty months, and it’s probably the best nDreams game to date.”

Frenzies is coming to Meta Quest and PlayStation VR2. A closed alpha is coming this month.