Podcast #279: Were any of them good ones?

by on January 17, 2018

It’s time for episode 279 of the GodisaGeek Podcast, and by christ, it’s a bumper episode as Chris, myself, and Adam Carroll are joined by Nicola this week.

Reporting back from London, Chris has played Monster Hunter: World and Metal Gear Survive and has fresh, non-embargoed thoughts on them. He has also played Rainbow Six Siege, as has Nicola and myself. What else this week? Oh, Nicola has played NieR: Automata and… well, does she like it? Here’s hoping…

On top of that, fresh new Horizon Zero Dawn chat this week as Adam Carroll has started the DLC, while Nicola is playing PUBG, and I’m on a fighting game kick, thanks to Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5. Oh and PES 2018 has grabbed me again, too. On top of that, loads of Nintendo news and listener questions to get through, hence the two hour run time.

That said, it’s nearer two and a half hours if you’re listening to the Premium version via Patreon. You’ll get my “hilarious” anecdote about clearing my office out, as well as Chris’ latest albums, and what Nicola and Adam Carroll have been watching. All that for $1 a month, and you’d have gotten it early, too!

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