Giant creatures come to Warframe with Shrine of the Eidolon

by on February 9, 2018

Warframe’s new update comes to PC today, and there be giants.

Shrine of the Eidolon introduces two new enemies into its mix of gameplay, along with a flying attack platform called the Dargyn. The first new giant is called the Gantulyst, and is apparently twice the size of the original Warframe giant, the Teralyst. It has a rock for an arm, and can throw balls of energy that spread burst damage in many directions as it travels. The other new creature is called the Hydrolyst, and this one creates toxic storm clouds, that deal constant damage to nearby Tennos.

To aid you in your quest to take down these epic beasts Digital Extremes have given players access to the Dargyn, a floating platform complete with weapons. You can use this to traverse the terrain better, and light up any enemies unlucky enough to stray into your path.