LEGO® The Incredibles is official – launches in July

by on March 28, 2018

Another one of gaming’s worst kept secrets is now official, Pixar’s The Incredibles is getting the LEGO® treatment.

I’d imagine the game is going to follow the family round as they do super-hero things akin to existing LEGO versions of super-heroes like The Hulk (Mr Incredible), Reed Richards, (Mrs Incredible), Sue Richards (Violet) and The Flash (Dash), but also with the appearance of the shapeshifting Jack Jack.

Now, looking at the trailer the LEGO versions don’t look enough like the characters by my reckoning. I could be being fussy, but the LEGO-isation of them just doesn’t seem to carry over the same sort of sense of character. Anyway, expect certain jokes from the original film and the sequel (due out on the same day), along with the trademark LEGO humour that TT Games sprinkles into their titles, just don’t expect much to have changed from a gameplay standpoint.

LEGO® The Incredibles releases on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on July 13

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