Too Kyo Games is a new game company headed by the Danganronpa and Zero Escape creators, 4 projects underway

by on September 11, 2018

Too Kyo Games is a new game company that was teased a few days ago and we now know who is heading the company in addition to the key staff.

Too Kyo Games has some big names from the adventure and visual novel scene and if you haven’t heard of Danganronpa or Zero Escape, fix that immediately.

The key staff for Too Kyo Games consists of the following 7 people:

Director / Scenario writer: Kazutaka Kodaka (Danganronpa series)
Composer / Arranger: Masfumi Takada (Danganronpa series)
Illustrator / Character Designer: Shimadoriru (Danganronpa series, Fate/Grand Order)
Director / Scenario Writer: Takumi Nakazawa (Ever17, Root Double)
Novelist / Scenario Writer: Youichirou Koizumi (Break-kun Core)
Director / Scenario Writer: Kotaro Uchikoshi (Zero Escape series)

They currently have games and an anime underway with one game as a collaboration with Spike Chunsoft. Check out the official website here.

Thanks, Gematsu and Nibellion.