Quake III Arena’s “The Longest Yard” Map Coming to Quake Champions

by on September 3, 2018

Bethesda has announced that a bunch of new content is coming to Quake Champions this month, including a fan-favourite map from Quake III Arena.

New map The Longest Yard is a complete reimagining of Q3DM17 from Quake III Arena, a favourite of players back in the day. Its blend of jumpy madness will likely fit the new Free-To-Play game perfectly.

PTS will be filled with new stuff, from new champion Athena and her grappling hook, to new modes.

Athena swings in on her grappling hook, allowing players to fly high above the fray, dropping rockets and plasma and rail shots on those below. A familiar face from Quake’s past, Athena will blast her way into PTS in mid-September, with plans to debut publicly shortly thereafter.

PTS will also see two new modes come into play: the classic Capture The Flag, plus new mode Slipgate, which will see players have to play together as a team.

Arcade Mode looks to be adding a bunch of new features too:

  • Hot Rockets: All Champions spawn with just the Rocket Launcher. Oh, and those Launchers happen to have infinite ammo and QUAD DAMAGE.
  • Mystery Champion: Start with a random Champion and spawn as a different character each time you’re fragged. You can also spawn as Champions you haven’t unlocked yet, and thus try them all. And you will be forced to.
  • Team Instagib: The one-hit-to-frag classic, now with support for two teams of four!
  • Unholy Trinity: Weapon pickups no longer appear on the map. However, you spawn with Quake’s trifecta of iconic weapons: the Rocket Launcher, the Railgun and the Lightning Gun.
  • Sacrifice: The Soul-seizing, Obelisk-capturing 4v4 fan favorite returns!

Finally, the classic Quake II Super Shotgun makes a return, plus the September update will add support for Bot Backfill in matches, Party support for all game modes, plus a various assortment of fixes to improve the game’s quality of life.

Quake Champions is available now on PC and it is Free-To-Play.