DICE lays out the progression system and in game economy for Battlefield V

by on October 30, 2018

DICE has released on its blog some details of the progression system and in game economy players can expect from the upcoming Battlefield V.

Before getting into details though, DICE wants you to know some important things:

  • In Battlefield V, you progress by playing. The more you play, the more you’ll progress, and the more items you can unlock to outfit your Company.
  • When it comes to gear, there is no one right answer — only what’s right for you, your playstyle, and the needs of your squad.
  • There are two types of in-game currency. Company Coin is earned only through gameplay. Battlefield Currency is purchased with real-world money.
  • Battlefield V is made to reward how often you play and how well you play. You will never be able to use Battlefield Currency or spend real-world money to get anything that gives you an unfair gameplay advantage.

Time spent playing in Battlefield V is measured by your rank across five categories: Career, Class, Weapon, Vehicle, and Chapter. By increasing your rank in each category you will be rewarded with both gameplay items and cosmetic items.

Career is your overall rank; Class monitors how often you use each of the game’s four classes; Weapon and Vehicle rewards you with XP for each time you use them which you can then use to spend on Company Coin to unlock specialisations; and Chapter is linked to Tides of War.

There are two types of currency in Battlefield V: Company Coin and Battlefield currency. Company Coin is earned through progression, completing assignments and daily tasks and can be spent on cosmetic items as well as specialisations for your weapons and vehicles or to unlock specific weapons. The Battlefield currency is acquired through real money.

Battlefield currency will not be available at launch to give players chance to get used to the progression system.

Battlefield V will launch 9 November through EA Access on PC And Xbox One with official launch on 15 November for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.