Destiny 2: So long, Outlaws, Season 5 incoming, and here’s to the future

by on November 25, 2018

Welcome back, folks. It’s a quiet one this week, but that’s for a very good reason. Season 4, AKA Season of the Outlaw, is drawing to a close. That means you have but one week left to finish up your S4 specific Triumphs, as well as your rankings for Gambit, Crucible and Nightfall.

Season of the Forge begins on November 27th, followed by Black Armory, a DLC about a clandestine order of weaponsmiths, on December 4th. Even with details about the new DLC fairly thin on the ground, we’re still pretty excited, because there are lot of quality of life improvements coming, including changes to load times (Nine be praised!). We’re also getting a new old weapon class when heavy machineguns are reintroduced. Does this mean my Zombie Apocalypse FTW will return? Who knows? Bungie are telling us most of jack-shit right now, although this week’s TWAB should shed a little light on what’s coming up. We know there’ll be new gear, collections, triumphs and events, and we know that for the first time Bungie will be focusing on new weapon types and hybrids thanks to the Black Armory. I’m not expecting new weapon classes, but I am expecting more weird shit like Tractor Cannon, Coldheart, Wardcliff Coil and The Swarm. Bungie have already demonstrated imagination where weaponry is concerned and I’m hoping TBA pushes the boat out.

This new DLC is being co-developed by Vicarious Visions who worked on Warmind, which may be good or bad depending on your standpoint. I liked some parts of Warmind: I liked Ana Bray, returning to Mars and Escalation Protocol. I didn’t like the tiny, lacklustre story and lack of real monetary value. Still, I kind of think Vicarious Visions will nail this one.

During Season 5, we’ll also be taking part in the Dawning festival, which itself will bring some novelty quests, new gear and limited time events. This is a Christmas-themed event and should hopefully be a little more lighthearted than recent offerings. Don’t get me wrong, I like Destiny when it’s dark, but a little levity goes a long way.

So, to reiterate, Season of the Forge follows Season of the Outlaw, but will in turn be succeeded in Spring 2019 by the Season of the Drifter, in expansion Jokers Wild, which will not only explore the Drifters shady backstory, but will make significant changes to Gambit, including the introduction of new modes and Gambit-specific quests. I love Gambit mode, so any additions to it are welcome, especially if they give the mode greater legs. The Drifter, too, is a solid addition to the game’s cast, offering a replacement for Cayde-6 who’s as interesting, if not as likeable, as the fallen hero. Will they ever elect a new Hunter Vanguard? We’ll see.

Looking even further forward, year two will go out with Season of the Shadow and a DLC called Penumbra, which Bungie are describing as a “mystery box” of content which they want players to figure out for themselves. There have always been hidden quests, Easter eggs and secrets in Destiny, and an entire DLC based on the idea has me excited. There will be a Destiny vid doc going up on Bungie.net soon, detailing some of the upcoming changes.

News that Activision aren’t happy with Forsaken’s performance is worrying, but let’s be honest: no one was expecting Bungie to turn Destiny 2 around like they did. In fact, I think most people were absolutely expecting Forsaken to underperform. If only we didn’t have to base everything on sales figures, eh? Because frankly, Bungie have really upped their game since September, and it’s a great thing to see. Destiny 2 is now the game it always should have been, and this roadmap only gets us more hyped up.

So get grinding, guys and gals. Hit Gambit, rinse the Crucible, play your hearts out, and get ready to bid farewell to the Season of the Outlaw. Here’s to the Forge, and the future.

Until next Season, eyes up, Guardians.