PlayStation finally dips a toe in Early Access with Dreams this Spring

by on February 20, 2019

Following on from the beta Dreams will improve further with the aid of Early Access this Spring.

In a post over on the PlayStation Blog Studio Director at Media Molecule Siobhan Reddy has revealed that Sony will finally try its hand at early access games with the first title being Media Molecule’s arty creator software Dreams.

In her own words Siobhan states that the Early Access version of the game won’t have everything the full version of Dreams will have, but it will have 100% of the same tools that Media Molecule themselves are using to make their content as well as “fun, deep interactive tutorials catering for all skill sets and levels” as well as “Mm crafted arcade games ready to play and remix”.

Interestingly, people who played during the beta will be able to return to the projects they had during that phase plus all the improvements that Mm make to the game as it continues to grow and evolve, plus there’ll be no NDA so you’ll be able to share your creations with the world.

The Early Access version of the game will go live this Spring with a limited release through the PlayStation Store and will be priced at €29.99 (so most likely £29.99), it’ll be available in the U.K., USA, Australia, Austria, Benelux, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Spain.