Dreams live-support is stopping soon, Media Molecule working on something new

by on April 11, 2023

Media Molecule, developer of PlayStation creator-suite Dreams has announced live-support will stop soon, with a new project in the works. In the blog post the company explained that “Dreams is unlike any other game we’ve worked on at Media Molecule”, before adding that it has been “exciting, challenging and most importantly an unforgettable collaborative journey with you all over the years”.

In the blog, Media Molecule confirms that live support for Dreams will be discontinued from September 1st, 2023, in order to “shift our focus to an exciting new project”. Now don’t get too worried, because the team confirmed you can still play, create, share with the game, but the team itself won’t release any new updates, or events such as DreamsCom, or the Impy Awards (which just had the 4th show, actually).

We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done in developing Dreams – such as our content releases, Create updates and live events – and we are endlessly grateful to the community for their belief and continuous contributions since launch.

Although this is challenging news we do have a few more updates on the way, including the much anticipated Tren, and a significant improvement to animation and our last Create mode update.


The team added that it will still be sharing creations on social media, etc, and the in-game curation work will continue to ensure the coolest creations are being surfaced for players.

We know this won’t be an easy message for everyone to hear, and it’s certainly not been an easy decision – Dreams has been a special project for Media Molecule and helping this burgeoning community of game developers, tinkerers, creatives, collaborators and dreamers grow and express themselves remains one of the best things we’ve ever done. Thank you for being part of it with us – we look forward to you joining us on our next adventure.


There’s a host of other information about server migration, but the dev also says that in order to “preserve the security and stability” of the server, there’s a storage limit of 5GB (for online) when the migration happens at the end of May. This is broken down to 512 versions per creations, though that’s doubled for local storage. You will also be able to delete instead of archiving creations, with “archive” being removed as a feature, but again, don’t fret, as anything archived before this change will bring back creations to your saved section, so you can choose to delete them forever, or not.

Oh it’s a tiny tidbit, but the dev also confirmed that the new project is not Dreams 2, and not using the Dreams property, and also that PS5 or PSVR2 support is not on the cards, which is a shame.