The 2019 TEKKEN World Tour kicks off in April on Twitch

by on March 12, 2019

The TEKKEN World Tour enters its third tournament season in 2019 for which Bandai Namco And Twitch have announced the details.

The 2019 tournament will go to new locations and have players competing for a share of a $185k prize pool. The whole shebang kicks off on April 20 at MIXUP in Lyon, France; from there it’ll also call in Germany, Poland, Sweden, the U.K. and Australia. The tour will make its first appearances in Dubai, Freece and South Africa as well as making calls in several other countries.

there’ll be ranking points up for grabs across all tournament categories but they’ll only be allocated for certain positions depending on the event. The Master+ event will be held in Las Vegas between August 2 to 4 and will allocate points to players who place from 1st to 49th, while the Master event will only see positions 1 through to 25 getting points.

New to the 2019 tour is the Dojo Tournament, where organisers will be able to apply for their tournament to be awarded ranking points, and if successful the quantity will scale depending on the amount of participants. Tournaments must use the TEKKEN Would Time ur opt-in system to be up for consideration.

All these ranking points will determine placements on the leaderboard through a player’s ten best tournament placements. If you compete you’ll be able to take part in as many tournaments as they want, but once they’ve secured three max level results from Master or Challenger tournaments or four max level dojo placements then no additional results will count towards their tallies.

All in all, it’s looking like a bumper season, so let’s have at it!