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DayZ gets full Xbox One release date leaving Game Preview at the end of March.

by on March 13, 2019

Bohemia Interactive and Microsoft have announced that DayZ is finally launching on Xbox One later this month.

DayZ has been in preview for seven months of early access development, but with a major game update scheduled for launch date the title is making its way onto the platform as a fully released game.

To celebrate this announcement, Bohemia Interactive premiered a cinematic CGI trailer that presents one of the examples of the various stories DayZ can offer.

Bohemia Interactive has given thanks to the “massive help of the Xbox Game Preview community”, which has helped shape the game over the past months, and the launch day patch is intended to improve controls, better inventory interactions and general stability and performance improvements. To ensure a fresh start for everyone all existing player characters and server persistence data from the Game Preview will be wiped.

DayZ is expected to continue post-launch development with free platform updates scheduled throughout 2019.

DayZ is due for full launch on 27 March, and up until that date will be available for the Game Preview price of $39.99 / £31.99 / 39.99EURO. After launch it will rise to $49.99 / £41.99 / 49.99EURO. A PlayStation 4 release is expected later this year.