DayZ merging with Livonia DLC later this month

by on May 21, 2024

Bohemia Interactive has today announced that the base game of its zombie survival DayZ will be merging with the Livonia DLC from May 27. It’s a massive change that will bring together two products into a single package in the hopes to “redefine and further enrich the player experience” when it releases as part of the Redux Update 1.25. Anyone who has the base game of DayZ will be able to get the Livonia DLC for free.

The merge aims to streamline the game’s portfolio, simplify offerings for new and existing players, and anticipate future developments. It also seeks to integrate the communities of both the base game and the DLC, enhancing the overall player experience across every platform.

Both of the maps from DayZ and Livonia are still going to be separated when playing, however, they’ll now exist un the same product. It will streamline the game for a wider audience as well as players who are already playing, marking a big change to Bohemia’s title. It will be available for £39.99 when it releases on May 27, and while an increase in price, it does offer greater value for players wanting to get the most out of DayZ.

For players with any concerns regarding the merging of DayZ and Livonia, the developers released an FAQ with plenty of information intended to address what might be on player’s minds and to help the community prepare for the transition. From today, the Livonia DLC cannot be purchased separately as the final touches are put in place for the merge next week.

For players on PC, there will be a special discount on DayZ between May 22 and 26 via Steam, making it the perfect time to prepare for the changes coming at the end of the month.