The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order trailer has landed

by on April 14, 2019

Respawn Entertainment have released a trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and, at the risk of sounding like a total gushing fanboy, it looks amazing.

I’ve learned not to get my hopes up for an upcoming Star Wars game after EA Vancouver’s open world Star Wars game was cancelled but the fact that Fallen Order has a (fingers crossed) release date of November 15, 2019 I’m allowing myself some hope.

Fallen Order takes place after Episode III: Revenge of Sith and follows a young padawan (essentially Jedi in training for the non-Star Wars geeks), Cal Kestis, as he tries to stay alive and finish off his training.

Every game needs an antagonist and attempting to hunt you down is a character called the Second Sister, who is part of the Empire’s Inquisitors whose purpose is to hunt out and erase every surviving Jedi. You’ll also need to contend with the Purge Troopers, special Imperial forces who aid the Inquisitors in their attempt to kill the remaining Jedi.

The most important thing for many people came when Respawn founder, Vince Zampella, had this to say about Fallen Order: “We are known for multiplayer shooters, but that’s not just who we are. This is a story game – no multiplayer, no microtransactions; this is about being a Jedi.”

Fallen order is a Jedi fantasy story driven single player which might be just what the Star Wars gaming series needs. Personally I’m all for a single player Star Wars considering how much I enjoyed both The Force Unleashed games.

I think that’s enough from me as you’ll likely want to see the trailer (which I’ve had on a loop since it was released).