Pokémon GO has been invaded by Team GO Rocket

by on July 25, 2019

It’s official, Team Rocket has finally arrived in Pokémon GO in the shape of Team GO Rocket.

As you walk around playing Pokémon GO now you will notice Pokéstops where the cube on top is behaving erratically, approaching these you’ll find a Team GO Rocket Grunt that you can challenge and hopefully beat. These Team GO Rocket goons are using Shadow Pokémon, these are Pokémon that Team GO Rocket has tried to unnaturally make stronger causing them to take on a different appearance.

Once you’ve beaten a member of Team GO Rocket you’ll have the option to catch a Shadow Pokémon, and unfortunately you cannot transfer these to Professor Willow. What you’ll need to do is purify these Pokémon before you can transfer them, however, you might want to keep hold of them as purified Pokémon get stat boosts and may result in stronger final evolved forms.

Anyway, get out there and get battling trainers, those Pokémon need you!