A guide to the best online slot games

by on September 9, 2019

Gambling has evolved an incredible amount since the first known casino in Venice, Italy back in 1638. Slot machines have been one of the most popular casino games since their creation in 1890s America and, with the advancement of technology, this popularity has only increased.

The traditional slot machine was transformed in the 1970s with the introduction of the first ever video casino game, Fortune Coin – 20 years later in the 1990s the first online casino was established.

From these small scale beginnings, slots are now the most prolific online casino game meaning there are lots to choose from. Slots all operate using a Random Number Generator and they’re pretty easy to get used to. Whether you’re an online slots aficionado or an absolute beginner, some slots are great for everyone – let’s take a look at five of the best to play.

Cleopatra Slot

The Cleopatra Slot has been a favoured machine in live casinos – and that popularity has naturally translated online where its popularity sky-rocketed further still. It was at one time the most played online slot and has a strong appeal through its distinctive Egyptian theme. The game has 20 playlines and you can earn bonus rounds by finding three or more Sphinx symbols.

Gonzo’s Quest

Even if you’re not an online slot game enthusiast, you’re likely to have seen the Gonzo’s Quest graphics. This game also operates more than 20 paylines and requires you to line up three to five identical Mayan-themed symbols. If you manage to achieve this your bet will be multiplied – the more you bet, the bigger your payout!

Monopoly Slot

One of the most identifiable board games of all time was transformed into an online slot game in the late 1990s. Unsurprisingly, there have been a number of games created under the Monopoly umbrella since this time and they’re all extremely popular, but the original remains a favourite thanks to the theme and board format.

Wheel of Fortune

The television game show version of this popular slot has been a favourite in households around the world for many years, so it makes sense that Wheel of Fortune is an online casino success. This online slot has been one of the best loved for almost 20 years, you get free spins, extra bonus features and also the gamble feature.

Deal or No Deal

Again, another popular television game show that has been translated into an online slot format. The slot game follows the same theme and format of the television show and the banker makes you offers as the game progresses – Deal or No Deal?

Many of these games have intricate additional extras and ways for more advanced players to progress but also cater to beginners making slot games the perfect online casino option.

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