by on September 30, 2019

UFC fans are getting antsy for the next edition of the mixed martial arts promotion’s video game series. The good news is a new game is in the works, but it may not be on shelves until early next year. The combat sports company launched UFC 3 in February 2018, so it is likely EA Sports will hold back the game until early 2020 to continue the two-year gap between each game in the series. UFC fans are gearing up for UFC 243 when Robert Whittaker battles Israel Adesanya in a Middleweight title unification match. Fans can use this offer to wager on the fighter they believe will win the bout and the belts.

UFC 4 is in the works and the anticipation is growing for its release. It will have a difficult time topping the previous version of the game, but if there is one thing we know about EA Sports, it will do its best to create a knockout.

Voiceovers and commentating

In April of this year, UFC commentator Jon Anik announced via Twitter that he was working on the voiceovers for UFC 4. The news took some people by surprise as it seemed to come out of nowhere that Anik was working on his part of the game. Anik should be on hand for UFC 243 in Australia and according to this media article, combat sports fans can wager on all of the fights with the latest betting promo codes.

At the time, little was known about the game other than Anik lending his voice to the game. Since Anik let the cat out of the bag about recording the voiceovers sending UFC fans into meltdown, plenty of fans of the game have expressed their desires for the new edition. However, additional information about the game has been sparse.

UFC two-year target

EA Sports began developing and publishing MMA games in 2010. It seems like a lifetime ago when EA Sports released EA Sports MMA. Rather than use UFC fighters, however, EA Sports worked with the Strikeforce MMA group to develop the game.

The initial game caused an uproar with UFC as president Dana White made inflammatory remarks about EA Sports and the fighters it used. UFC and THQ developed a game together title UFC 2009 Undisputed.

The two companies partnered together for three games before EA Sports signed the UFC away from THQ. Since partnering with the UFC, EA Sports has hit a two-year target for each of its three-game releases. A February 2020 release would keep it to that two-year target.

What do fans want?

Other than Anik announcing he was doing voiceovers earlier this year, fans have had to speculate about the new game due to limited information being released. This has also led many to post online about what they want to see in UFC 4.

One aspect hardcore UFC fans want in the new game is a more realistic fight mode. Yes, the UFC can be boring with a lot of ground fighting, holds, and chokes, and these are what hardcore fans want to see in the game.

In addition, EA Sports wants to build an online community similar to the one FIFA has. That is an incredibly difficult thing to obtain and something the UFC franchise may never reach. Still, EA Sports can build on the Ultimate Team concept by releasing unique packs that improve drastically on what is already available.

UFC 4 is a highly anticipated game but fight fans will have to wait for its release until (most likely) 2020. The wait will only make fans more excited about what could be the most realistic MMA game ever.