How Technology Is Changing the Casino Business

by on October 7, 2019

The pace of development of new technologies has never been so fast and it keeps on speeding up every year. It is transforming every business type and with full automation on the way such as self-driving cars, it is going to destroy jobs at record rates. In the casino business, the blockchain is a real threat to the present system and gambling platform owners will be looking over their shoulders as decentralized gaming a major threat to the dominance of centralized models in the future. Below are the major technological advances that are happening right now and transforming the business model works.

Smartphone Technology Advances

Smartphones have before an essential technology for many people around the world and now most people own one of these devices. Gaming is the most popular application for mobiles and classics such as slots are in high demand. Everything is improving every year with graphics, gameplay, size of jackpots and amazing new features to keep players coming back for more. If you are interested in this take full advantage by comparing the best slot sites and pick one that feels right for you!

The biggest impact on the gambling sector since the digital online revolution will be blockchain technologies and we are already starting to see the rise of a brand new next-generation gaming platform. The tech enables complete decentralization, therefore it is impossible to manipulate along with being able to create a new community ecosystem designed around creating virtual crypto tokens that help enable greater rewards and benefits such as lower house edge rates. There are still a few years to go before all the bugs are out of the system but it is on track to become a leading force in the online casino industry.

Virtual World Advances

Virtual reality has been around for a long time now and most expected it to become mainstream by the year 2019 but that is not the case. The price barrier has slowed the rate of players but over the last couple of years prices have come down a lot. With the latest smartphones including VR and AR technologies, it will make it become a reality and eventually it will become mainstream. There are already several virtual reality casinos available to play along with many AR and VR games such as slots.


New technology is created to solve real-world problems and in the online casino and gambling sector, many need to be overcome. These include trust, privacy, transparency, fees, house edges and more. Most of the current issues can be solved by blockchain tech which is what makes it such an interesting time in the sector. New business models that use cryptocurrency are been tested as we speak that could transform the industry completely. With lots of VR along with AR games expected over the next couple of years, the experience will become more immersive so caution needs to be taken during this stage to ensure that addiction due to become a mainstream problem.