Modern Warfare 2 Remastered and Our Enduring Love of Gaming Classics

by on September 20, 2019

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – 1” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by The GameWay

The Call of Duty franchise has served up some incredible experiences down the years but one of its undoubted high-points was Modern Warfare 2. Released a decade ago, the title developed by Infinity Ward was a huge hit and undoubtedly made the series a key name in the world of blockbuster first-person shooters.

The game remains hugely loved by many gamers, so much so that it even topped a poll earlier this year on the titles that people most want to see remastered. It now looks like those gamers have got their wish, as reports have revealed that the games rating board PEGI may have dropped a major hint that the game is imminent.

Such news will be music to the ears of fans but it also highlights the growing trend which is seeing gamers revisit classic experiences to enjoy them all over again.

Going old-school

So many aspects of the gaming world revolve around what is coming next, from the next big releases to what the future may hold in terms of consoles and technology. However, against that backdrop, there has been a growing interest in retro gaming and enjoying old-school experiences.

New versions of famous consoles such as the PlayStation Classic and NES have been released and snapped up by fans, while the UK’s biggest retro gaming market was also recently held in Doncaster. Then, there is the enduring popularity of more traditional forms of gaming, with a number of online bingo sites, such as Buzz Bingo, offering different forms of the game, as well as licensed versions of classics such as Worms.

The alleged remastering of Modern Warfare 2, however, taps into the very specific trend of classic titles being revamped for contemporary consoles and the game is the latest in a long line to get that treatment.

Revamping a classic

Remastering has been a core part of gaming for a number of years now, with Mario, of course, being a great example of a character whose adventures have been revamped time and time again as the capabilities of technology have improved.

Tetris is another game which has been reinvigorated and revolutionised again and again, with Tetris Effect giving the classic block game the ambient and atmospheric makeover you probably did not realise it needed and Tetris 99 even impressively incorporating elements of the current battle royale trend.

Other games to have been given the remastered treatment in recent times include Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and its sequel Turok: Seeds of Evil, which are being ported to the Nintendo Switch. In addition, a new version of Bitmap Brothers platformer Gods is also set to be available on the same console soon.

Turning back the clock

So, while many gamers continue to look ahead and consider what the future holds for the industry, the news about Modern Warfare 2 and the general trend for retro gaming shows a number are also looking to turn the clock back too.

Playing the latest blockbusters can, of course, be hugely thrilling but it is fair to say that sometimes there is nothing quite like revisiting an old favourite.