Roulette Strategies: Do They Really Work?

by on September 18, 2019

Roulette has been a hot addition to casinos since the sixteenth century, which has left it open to scrutiny by enthusiasts on ways the odds can be improved in their favour. The calculations carried out over time led to the establishment of several strategies that have stuck to date. These methods stand among the upsides roulette has over slots found in numerous sites online. 

In some cases, roulette strategies are preached as fool-proof methods of walking away with the upper hand over casinos. One of the major things to understand is that when gambling, even in roulette, the generation of results is dependent on luck. The setup of this table game makes it impossible for one to predict the winning numbers with 100% probability calculation. Additionally, some elements are added to the game to tip the scales in slight favour of the gambling den; hence, the phrase ‘the house always wins’. Strategies are introduced as a way for gamblers to improve their chances at winning, and luck depends on the which method is used and how it is applied. Some common ones are discussed below, along with the best ways they can be used.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy of playing roulette is the most commonly exploited in both online and offline gambling destinations. This mode of play falls in the progressive category, which means punters spend more as gameplay progresses. During its application, one is required to double their stakes when they come across a loss. Once a win is landed, they can go back to their original stake. This method works to recover all the stakes that don’t result in payouts while collecting a small profit as well. Here’s a demo of how it works:

Stake  Result 
10 dollars  Loss 
20 dollars Loss 
40 dollars Loss 
80 dollars Loss 
160 dollars Win 

In the end, the collected prize adds up to 320 dollars. Compared to the three hundred and ten-dollar stakes used, one walks away with a profit of ten dollars. The application of the martingale strategy works best when:

  • Wagers are placed on even money bets such as colour and parity since they have a little less than a fifty-fifty chance of being landed. 
  • Play European Roulette since it comes with better winning odds due to the exclusion of the double zero pocket.
  • Choose tables that have high bet limits to ensure that you can double your stakes many times to increase the chances of landing a win.
  • Have a considerable bankroll since you may have to double a couple of times before a win comes by.

D’Albert Strategy

The D’Albert strategy is similar to the Martingale one in a way. However, instead of doubling stakes after a loss, punters are required only to add one unit being used. Once a win comes by, the wagers should be reduced by one. The strategy demands that gamblers play until the number of wins is equal to that of losses. The method applies as shown below:

Bet  Result 
10 dollars Loss
11 dollars Loss 
12 dollars Loss 
13 dollars Win
12 dollars Win 
11 dollars  Win

Using these wagers, punters end up with a profit of three dollars. Even though the amount is not significant, it racks up better than nothing. Even money bets work best with this mode of roulette gameplay. Gamblers also need a wide bet range game, but it does not have to be as big as that of Martingale since the stake additions are not significant. 

Reverse Martingale Strategy

The Reverse Martingale strategy works the same way it sounds, which is the opposite of Martingale. Gamblers are expected to raise their stakes once a win comes by and drop them when a loss is encountered. The strategy works to allow punters to exploit winning streaks when they come by and reduce the amount of money that is lost when rough patches hit. Like with Martingale, players are advised to find a table with a small minimum stake limit and a high maximum cap to ensure they can add their wagers as freely as possible. The strategy works best when used on even money stakes as well.

The Bottom Line

These roulette strategies and others can be practised in the free to play versions of the game before being applied in real money gameplay. Punters should note that these methods of play do not ascertain the collection of payouts.