Apex Legends “Fight or Fright” Halloween Event Starts Next Week

by on October 8, 2019

From October 15th to November 5th, Apex Legends will be running a Halloween-themed limited-time event, Fight or Fright.

This new event will include the following:

  • Limited Time Mode: Shadowfall – Experience a warped, dark version of the Apex games hosted by a mysterious figure known as Revenant. Sooner or later, players will end up joining Revenant’s powerful “Shadow Squad” without weapons or legend abilities — but with increased movement and jump speed.
  • Themed Content – Complete a variety of challenges to earn exclusive skins, badges and a music pack.
  • Limited Premium Cosmetics – Unlock a set of 24 themes, limited-time cosmetics; players can obtain these new in-game cosmetics through direct purchase for Apex Coins, direct unlock with Crafting Metals or random unlock with Event Apex Packs.
  • Double XP Weekend – Earn double XP for Top 5 finishes and wins. This bonus will affect both Account Level and Battle Pass progression.

Interestingly, Shadowfall (nothing to do with Killzone) will see you and 34 other solo players dropped into King’s Canyon in the dark. Thing is, if you die during this fight to the death, you’ll respawn as part of the Shadow Squad: no weapons or your usual abilities, but you can move much faster, scale walls, jump long distances and have a brutal melee attack. Unlimited respawns, too.

This battle continues until there are only 10 living players left, which will trigger an evac ship’s arrival. Sound familiar? The Shadow Squad will then attempt to prevent the remaining players from reaching the evac ship.

Respawn has also “removed event currency from the Event Apex Packs and have replaced it with additional loot. This means that players will get more total items in each Event Apex Pack. There are also zero duplicates in these packs. To get further into that spooky spirit, each Fight or Fright Collection Character Skin will also come with 2 themed quips.”


Apex Legends’ Fight or Fright event will run from October 15th until November 5th.