Podcast #365: Metal Goose Solid

by on October 2, 2019

It’s a podcast full of Souls this week, and despite only having three people on the cast, it seems we managed to mention every Souls game every made. That’s probably because The Surge 2 and Code Vein just came out… just saying. There’s also a fair bit of racing game chat this week, thanks to Gary’s playing of GRiD (the new one), and Adam Carroll “enjoying” Mario Kart Tour. Meanwhile Adam Cook gets to talk about Untitled Goose Game, and weigh on the frame rate issues Mr Carroll has with Link’s Awakening.

We get a bit serious on this week’s Listener Correspondence, because we’re talking to our past selves. But not before chatting about having a mid-life crisis and Knightmare making a very strange comeback. Hit us up every week with new daft questions (and serious ones, too) and we’ll answer them! Seriously, maybe you want to know the weirdest thing Adam Carroll has ever eaten, or what the team’s favourite Mario Kart Tour track is? You can’t un-ask these things! You can ping us across all social media platforms – seriously, ask, we won’t bite!

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