Code Vein DLC 3 is out now

by on March 26, 2020

If you’ve been looking for a new Code Vein challenge then you’re in luck, today sees the release of Code Vein DLC 3.

Code Vein DLC 3 is the latest piece of additional content that sees the Horror of the Great Collapse, The Lord of Thunder, take centre stage. You will now be able to make your way through the Eternal Abyss, a new part of The Depths. As expected you’ll come face to face with the aforementioned Lord of Thunder. Just as expected, you can expect a lot of lightning based attacks to avoid. Once you’ve defeated the Lord of Thunder you will be able to obtain lightning-type weapons.

If that was enough you’ll be able to unlock new customisation items as well as new blood codes. There’s also a trailer showing off a lot more that you can find just after this.

Each DLC can be purchased separately or can be accessed through the season pass.