Code Vein boss guide: The Butterfly of Delirium

by on October 10, 2019

The Ruined City Centre is behind you and you’re now face to face with the poison loving Butterfly of Delirium.

You’ll likely have a tougher time with The Butterfly as she is much faster than Oliver and every attack builds your poison meter.

Before you start you’ll either want to stock up on poison resistant and reducing items. Or, unlock the Venom Resistance and Venom Removal gifts from the Mercury Blood Code you get from Coco at Home Base.

Also, make sure to bring Yakumo along with you as he’s best suited for this fight.

Once your stocked up or have inherited/equipped the particular gifts you’re good to go.

There’s a fair few moves from The Butterfly, some of which will cause frustration, with all them building or causing poison.

The most common attacks you’ll come across are:

  • A swinging tail attack, followed by a tail lunge attack
  • A double tail swing. Essentially the tail swings at you in one direction then right back at you again the opposite way.
  • A single tail swipe. Pretty self explanatory.
  • A tail pursuit move. The tail will appear in front of The Butterfly and the next thing you’ll see is the tail making a fast snaking motion towards you. This can be easily dodged by diving in the opposite direction.
  • A.o.E poion blast – The Butterfly will wrap her wings around herself for a few seconds and this is your queue to get the Hell out of dodge. Once those few seconds are up she will release a poisonous A.o.E blast that knocks you back and fills your poison meter. There’s a poison cloud that hangs about for a few seconds and while it doesn’t do damage it will quickly build up the poison meter.

After you get about a quarter of health knocked out The Butterfly will collapse to the ground for a few seconds. You can use this time to get a few hits in or, preferably, heal up and sort any poison effect or build up.

Once The Butterfly is back in the air, the stronger attacks become more frequent. You can now expect to see more of these: 

  • A poison mist spray attack – You will see The Butterfly’s tail appear above her for a couple of seconds which then proceeds to spray a poisonous mist. The mist causes damage and quickly builds your poison meter so it’s best to hang back and let it play out. The attack lasts for a few seconds so it’s best to use this time to heal up and sort any status effects. 
  • Poison orb attack. If you’re too far away for any melee attacks The Butterfly will decide to lob 5 poisonous orbs your way. The orbs fan out and eventually drop to the ground. They’re easy enough to dodge but if you aren’t confident in your dodge abilities keep hammering the dodge button to move backwards to take you out of range.
  • There is another poisonous orb move where the Butterfly will spin and send out a host of poisonous orbs in random waves. If she does start to spin the best thing to do is dodge backwards and wait for the spinning to stop. The A.o.E isn’t too large so you should be able to get out of range quickly and use the time to heal up.
  • The last move involves a homing poisonous orb. When down to around the last third of health the tail will shoot out a homing poisonous orb, almost always intended for your character. It moves at a decent speed but the best thing to do is keep dodging until it disappears. It doesn’t do too much damage but it will build the poison meter fast. The best thing to do is keep dodging.
The Strategy!

That’s enough scene setting, onto the main reason why you’re here: a strategy!

The Butterfly is adverse to fire and there are good few items and gifts that can help you with this fight.

You can pick up an item from Coco back at Home Base that adds flame damage to your equipped weapon that will do a decent amount of extra damage. Alternatively you can learn the Flame Weapon gift from Louis’ Blood Code to save having to spend any Haze. The Flaming Weapon gift does need to be unlocked with Prometheus Vestige I. There is also the Fire Storm gift, also from Louis’ Blood Code, that shoots a series of flaming projectiles and can also stagger the enemy. Fire Storm is also low in ichor cost and doesn’t take long to recharge.

This fight is best fought at range as the melee attacks from The Butterfly are fast and devastating when coupled with being poisoned. A melee fight can be won but it’ll be a hard fought battle if you can’t get the poison under control and those dodges timed perfectly.

As mentioned before, Yakumo is best suited for this fight and also best suited for doing most of the major lifting. If you’re looking for a relatively easy win then I’d suggest keeping your distance and sending a barrage of ranged attacks, flame based if possible, and let Yakumo get up close and personal.

If you can keep your distance and your health and poison meter under control it shouldn’t take long before you end the Butterfly.

However, if you’re more a melee style fighter you’ll want to make sure that you’re dodging reflexes are up to scratch. There are plenty of Lost to practice on if you’re not totally comfortable with dodging yet.

For a melee approach you’ll want to try and stay as close as possible as the tail will sometimes miss when The Butterfly takes a swing, without the need to dodge. This gives you a precious second or two to get some hits in.

Be warned though, the closer you stay the more likely it is you’ll be seeing the A.o.E attacks appear so you’ll need to keep an eye out for those cues and make sure you keep enough stamina to get out there fast.

Keep yourself stocked up with items to add flame damage to your weapon or enough items to replenish your ichor to use the Flaming Weapon gift and before long you’ll have dealt the finishing blow and The Butterfly will be no more.

Congratulations again! You’ve now doubled the amount of bosses defeated and it won’t be long until you’re face to face with the Insatiable Despot

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