Bethesda Opens New Development Studio

by on November 13, 2019

After the closure of Prey developer Human Head Studios, Bethesda Softworks brought back the team to staff new studio Roundhouse Studios. This new (technically) outfit will begin working on new projects right away, although those are currently unannounced and will probably remain that way for a while yet. Either way, it’s good news for the ex-Human Head folks, who have just released Rune II on the Epic Games Store.

“Sadly, we had to wind down the business of Human Head Studios and close its doors, which was particularly devastating due to the passion and creativity of the team we’d assembled,” said Chris Rhinehart, Creative Director, Roundhouse Studios. “We reached out to our friends at Bethesda for help, and they saw that same creativity and passion in our team. With the formation of Roundhouse Studios, Bethesda offered every employee of Human Head a position at the new company. We are excited our team will remain together, pursuing the work we love, as part of a company we already know and admire.”

Roundhouse Studios is the second developer in the last month to find a home under the Bethesda umbrella, after the publisher recently acquired mobile studio Alpha Dog Games. Perhaps Bethesda is looking to the future…