Rugby 20 has a new gameplay trailer

by on December 12, 2019

Bigben and Eko Software have released a new gameplay trailer for upcoming sports sim Rugby 20. It showcases the tactical aspects you can expect from the game. Players will be able to change tactics before and during their matches, to try and gain the upper hand. Check out the trailer below to see what options you have at your disposal:

Additionally, you can also read the official blurb below that goes into more detail about what’s on offer in this year’s installment:

By managing the game plan, and positioning and behaviour of players, you can experience the unique character of modern rugby, You can even implement your own style of play.

For attacking play, there are different moves available. These include long passes to teammates and kicking options. Grubber kicks, pass feints and side-steps are just some of the options available to help you gain the upper hand over your opponent.

When defending, timing and accuracy are the key to success: tackles must be triggered at the right moment to boost your chances of success while avoiding dangerous play that could lead to a penalty.

With a strong focus on simulation, Rugby 20 offers players all the elements that make up modern rugby. These include tactical changes during matches, attacking pods, passing after contact and set plays. Rugby fans will find all the sport’s essential elements in the video game.

There’s real tactical depth and the addition of a set plays system. Also revised motion-capture animations and redesigned AI and innovative gameplay. Rugby 20 is ready to become the new standard for rugby video games.

This gameplay trailer is launched ahead of the beta for Rugby 20 which goes live on December 19, 2019. Then you can try the game out for yourself, including these new tactics.

If you still want more, then feast your eyes on these screenshots below:

Rugby 20 trailer Rugby 20 trailer Rugby 20 trailer

For more information on Rugby 20, check out the official website.

Rugby 20 launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on January 23, 2020.