Node War pre-season has started in Black Desert Mobile

by on January 2, 2020

Pearl Abyss have revealed that the pre-season Node War is on the go in Black Desert Mobile. Players can team up with guild members in attempt to conquer Nodes ahead of the update. The Node War update will take place in mid-January.

The Node War update brings a large scale PvP mode to Black Desert Mobile. The update allows guilds to fight against each other and claim ownership of Nodes. This update gives the chance for guild members to work as a team and try and get some glory.

To participate in a Node War, guilds will need to enter a bidding process. The top 3 guilds with the highest bids are chosen as participants. Those chosen guild members will then need to attack the opposing guilds’ Holy Artifacts while attempting to defend their own.

The guild that wins the Node War takes possession of that Node for 7 days. This will mean that guild receives large sums of silver, collected as tax, from the areas surrounding the Node.

During the pre-season the Node Wars will take place from 10pm to 12 pm (server time) on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sundays.

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