SuperEpic: Badge Collector’s Edition Coming to Retail in March

by on January 21, 2020

SuperEpic, a 2019 indie Metroidvania starring a raccoon riding on the back of a llama, is getting its very own physical release this year. Coming to PS4 and Switch, the SuperEpic: Badge Collector’s Edition will contain a display box with six pin badges, all based on characters from the game.

This rather nice edition will be restricted to just 5000 copies on Nintendo Switch and 3000 copies on PS4, and will be available from The Geek Store, Amazon, GAME and more. As will the standard edition.

Just a few details on SuperEpic, if you clicked the “would you like to know more” button:

Two game modes – play a classic single-player story mode with handcrafted levels, or a roguelike mode which procedurally generates the game map to make each run completely different

Cross-media experience – hidden QR codes launch mini-games to play on your mobile when scanned, uncovering secrets in the main game

8 hours of gameplay – a first run on the story mode will take roughly 8 hours, but the procedural mode provides endless fun

16-bit era graphics – super fluid animations and spectacular bosses, all represented in gorgeous ‘Neo-Geo’-esque 16-bit pixel art

Original storyline & soundtrack – a story featuring unique, strong characters with plenty of humour and personality, and a soundtrack from SonoTrigger (‘Rise & Shine’, ‘Blue & Bullets’, ‘Supermagical’)

Completionists – tons of achievements & secrets to unlock for completionists

Micro-transaction satire – satirises modern gaming practices, with a huge enterprise run by greedy business-pigs which has gradually replaced all the fun in video games with adaptative and addictive algorithms to control people’s minds

Latest patch on disc/cartridge – the latest update, which includes improvements to the map system, are included on the physical versions for collectors and preservationists


SuperEpic is out now digitally on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. The retail editions, including the Badge Collector’s Edition, are coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on March 20th.