BELOW Coming to PlayStation 4 in the Spring

by on February 6, 2020

Capybara’s rather impressive roguelike adventure, BELOW, is coming to PlayStation 4.

The news first broke via a Nibellion tweet, linking to an official Capybara Games Youtube announcement.


The PS4 version will release in its original form, but will also include the brand new EXPLORE mode. Coming to Xbox One and PC at the same time, EXPLORE will allow players to experience the BELOW adventure without many of its original, brutal challenge.

From the Youtube video description:

EXPLORE Mode features these changes to BELOW’s core rules:

– Reduced Survival Mechanics: No Hunger or Thirst.
– Traps, Damage & Death: No instant kills + All damage depletes player Health slowly through bleeding, giving players a chance to recover.
– Permanent Bonfire Checkpoints: Checkpoints can always be returned to after death, allowing players to continue progressing deeper into the underworld.


BELOW is out now on Xbox One and Steam, with the PlayStation 4 version and EXPLORE mode coming in Spring 2020.