Watch the First MotoGP 20 Gameplay Footage

by on March 16, 2020

Milestone has released the first gameplay video of MotoGP 20, showing off its new bike physics and fuel/tyre management. Following a community vote, the first in-game footage comes from the Mugello circuit with Valentino Rossi on the bike.


As you can see, the video shows off the new asymmetrical tyre degradation system, with tyres now degrading at a separate rate on the sides and middle. Milestone says that this will “reproduce some real-world dynamics down to the smallest details,” making for a more strategic and realistic simulation of MotoGP action. Players will be able to decide how much fuel and which tyres to use in each race, affecting how the bike behaves.

The overall level of simulation marks a big step forward in MotoGP™20; modern MotoGP™ bikes have very complex aerodynamic winglets that when damaged change significantly the bike balance. Crashing or colliding with other riders in game, may have a permanent effect on bike handling just like in a real race.

The development team has also implemented “substantial changes” to the braking system, adding a new level of challenge to this year’s game.

You will be able to experience all this for yourself, when MotoGP 20 launches on April 23rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch (Switch version is out May 5th in the US), PC and Google Stadia.