Podcast #396: Where’s the Internet? – Gears 5, F1 2020, Xenoblade Chronicles

by on May 20, 2020

Here to keep you company through whatever situation we’re going through right now is Adam Cook, Adam Carroll, Chris White, and Gary Bailey. Mr Carroll finally has an Xbox so has played through Gears of War 4 and Gears 5, while also getting stuck into Streets of Rage 4. Adam Cook has tried some of the Switch Definitive Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles, while Chris has finally played through the original BioShock. He’s also dabbled in Red Dead Online, this week. Gary has been putting a preview build of F1 2020 through its paces, which is very exciting.

Again, we’re in video form if you prefer that type of thing, and have questions about average skills, what TV shows you’d recommend, retro practices and, of course, the Xbox Series X “gameplay” reveal we had recently. Get watching/listening, it’s your choice how you consume the CONTENT.

Download the podcast MP3, here.

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